Gucci Original Casual shoes Ace Crystal Embellished 505995DOPE056 black

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Gucci Original Casual shoes Ace Crystal Embellished 505995DOPE056 black17

The retro style design of the Ace series is equipped with a waterproof platform rubber sole, decorated with a number of crystal. Black leather with blue and red ribbon detailing. Ms model Decorate the crystal piping along the waterproof platform. One shoe is decorated with red metallic leather details, and the other is a blue metallic leather detail. Rubber sole italianism Whatsapp: +8617077756152 Email: QQ: 1323036589 Wechat: hotbrandsale If you need any help, please keep free to contact with us. AliExpress Purchase link: ★★★★★ important ★★★★★★ Pls notice the model number and colors, Choose correct model number and correct colors to buy the Gucci !If you not sure, you can contact me(Whatsapp: +8617077756152)before you buy! DON'T write any information in order. DON'T contact me on aliexpress,if you have any question, contact me by whatsapp. DON'T leave feedback after transaction completed. if Gucci unfortunately damage during transportation,pls contact me by whatsapp, I will try my best to solve the problem. thank you!

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